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MY.WIDEX.COM is a personalized website with content tailor-made for individual Widex hearing aid users. Register your clinic via our COMPASS GPS software or get in touch with us to hear more.

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The Hearing Aid Questionnaire in MY.WIDEX.COM makes it easy for patients to evaluate their experience with hearing aids. This means less time spent on extra counselling, as you can use the feedback to pinpoint any customer issues before the actual consultation. The built-in quick fix functionality is even directly linked to COMPASS GPS so you can finetune the hearing aid according to the needs of your patient.

What other dispensers say about MY.WIDEX.COM

It is good to have at hand, as you cannot give too much information to the patients in one day! Everything is there with pictures and descriptions. Very practical and easy
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You can use MY.WIDEX.COM as a unique after sales service that also makes it easier for you to deal with fine-tuning, user feedback and service.
MY.WIDEX.COM contains all the relevant information unique to users’ specific type of hearing aid, including the programs and features they use, explanations on their actual audiogram, as well as tips and advice.

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