A unique Widex function which adds a near-natural sound dimension to the listening experience when wearing two hearing aids.

Nature has provided us with two ears that work together, allowing us to easily experience sound from different directions. InterEar is inspired by this fundamental characteristics of normal hearing.
With InterEar functionality every input received by one hearing aid is shared with the other hearing aid. The sharing of data between the two hearing aids is extremely fast - up to 21 a second.  The result of this advanced binaural processing is an improved experience of sound quality, localization and singling out of dominant speech.
The sharing and synchronisation of data is facilitated by WidexLink, the first wireless technology designed especially to allow both InterEar data transmission, synchronization and digital wireless transmission of audio to hearing aids.


InterEar is an integrated part of the newest Widex hearing aid series – allowing for the coordination of important functions such as:

InterEar TruSound Compression - Preserves important spatial cues used for determining if a sound source is located to the left or to the right

InterEar Feedback Cancelling - Makes the system even more precise in identifying feedback and avoiding “false positives”.

InterEar Speech Enhancer - Uses SII (Speech Intelligibility Index) and binaural percentile information to enhance speech above the threshold and attenuate background noise, singling out a dominant speaker.

InterEar Zen tinnitus relaxation - Promotes relaxation, and has been proven to help reduce the effects of tinnitus (IE Zen is distributed interaurally, creating a stereo effect).

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