Because noise reduction is not just noise reduction.

Most top-range hearing aids have some kind of noise reduction system. But noise reduction strategies vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
A recent investigation has shown that most noise reduction systems simply dampen the low frequencies to reduce noise. The risk involved in doing this is that speech cues can also be dampened along with the background noise
The Widex Speech Enhancer system, on the other hand, is able to reduce noise so that it is under the hearing threshold of the listener while at the same time boosting regions with speech by applying extra gain in these regions.

The aim is to improve speech intelligibility

The difference between existing noise reduction strategies reflects a difference in focus. Some systems aim to make the sound as comfortable as possible to listen to for the user. Other systems aim to provide improved speech perception.
The primary aim of the Speech Enhancer in Widex hearing aids is to provide the highest possible speech intelligibility while still providing a comfortable listening experience.
The Speech Enhancer uses the standardised measure of the Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) to work out the optimal gain for speech understanding in the current listening environment, taking the client’s hearing loss into account.

InterEar Speech Enhancer

Some of the newest Widex hearing aid series also feature the InterEar Speech Enhancer. Communicating in a noisy environment is one of the most challenging situations for hearing aid users and many experience difficulties focusing on one speaker.
Thanks to InterEar coordination between the hearing aids, the IE Speech Enhancer can single out the dominant speaker in noisy situations.

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