BABY 440

Widex BABY 440 now available on NHS Supply Chain


  • Minimal to moderate-severe hearing loss
  • RITE model
  • In-situ RECD
  • ClearBand receiver
  • Small earwires in baby sizes
  • Instant ear-tip and anchor in various sizes
  • Nanocoated
  • Battery size 10


Designed for babies

Widex BABY is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies.

Featuring Widex sound technology, so babies can hear the best natural sound. BABY 440 provides babies with access to as many sounds as possible, inorder to stimulate their language and speech development. The high quality sound gives babies an oppourtunity to interact with the surrounding world, whether at home with parents, in daycare or with other family members.

Thanks to its miniature size, WIDEX BABY 440 fits perfectly on small ears. And it has been designed using light but tough materials, you can rest assured that it will sit comfortably and securely all day long. We have concentrated on making the fitting of BABY 440 as quick and easy as possible with specially designed Child-Fit software.


Watch the story of two-year-old Erik and his life with a WIDEX BABY440 hearing aid, as told by his mother.

The WIDEX BABY440 hearing aid that Erik is wearing is designed especially for babies and helps to stimulate their language and speech development.

This successful, life changing device is now available on NHS Supply Chain.

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