PHONE-DEX 2 is an all-purpose, cordless phone that automatically streams crystal clear sound directly to the hearing aid. No pairing or special programs needed.
With a large color display and intuitive design, PHONE DEX 2 is incredibly easy to use.

What’s more, PHONE-DEX 2 works as a conventional phone as well. It even has an integrated answering machine. That way your patient will never miss a message, and family can use the phone too.

PHONE-DEX 2 features

  • Up to 150 contacts
  • Base station that works as a charger
  • Up to 14 hours of call time on battery
  • 320 hours of standby time
  • Range to base, up to 50 meters (roughly 160 ft) 
  • Alarm function
  • LED to signal the call

PHONE-DEX 2 connects automatically with Widex hearing aids and provides excellent speech understanding in both ears.

*Compatible with all EVOKE styles, except CIC Micro