You can use COMPASS V5 for all Widex hearing aids prior to the new WIDEX DREAM family. Let our trainers show you the benefits of our fitting software.

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Although some hearing losses may seem identical, the acoustical implications will always be different from patient to patient. So while the audiogram gives you a good starting point, it is the acoustical fitting that ensures the most accurate and personalised fitting. With COMPASS, the acoustical fitting is based on three different processes to achieve the ultimate precision.

Features in COMPASS V5

The Sensogram measures the in-situ threshold in either four basic frequency bands or a full range of 14 frequency bands.
The test measures in-situ available gain before feedback and serves as the initialisation point for the feedback cancelling system.
Based on the feedback test, which is already a part of the fitting routine, it is possible to optimise the fitting by taking the total vent effect into account.

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