Widex´ excellence in precision fitting is extended by introducing wireless fitting based on the industry standards nEARcom and NOAHlink – reliable, secure and easy to use.

Widex offers two different options for wireless fitting. The nEARcom, which is an industry standard aiming at a high level of security and based on well-proven technology. The second option is the Widex USB Linkl, which is an easy alternative with direct connection to the fitting computer via an USB cable.

All Widex hearing aids with WidexLink can be fitted with nEARcom and Widex USB Link. This includes the DREAM, CLEAR and SUPER family.


Together with other leading hearing aid manufacturers, Widex has joined the nEARcom consortium to develop an industry standard solution. nEARcom is used with the NOAHlink. The nEArcom is to be assembled onto the NOAHlink so the connectors engage. The hearing aids are placed in the middle of the neck loop and communicate wirelessly with the computer, through the NOAHlink.


Widex USB Link is the easy alternative for those hearing aid dispensers who are not familiar with the use of NOAHlink as fitting interface. The hearing aids are placed inside the neck loop. Via the WidexLink technology the fitting data is transmitted wirelessly from the USB Link to the hearing aids. The Widex USB Link connects directly to the fitting computer via the USB cable.

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