DREAM hearing aids are packed with all the features your patients expect from Widex - including a wide range of models, colour variants, fitting ranges and more.
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We know that many of your clients desire a very discreet hearing solution. That’s why we have worked hard to make the CIC MICRO one of the smallest CIC’s on the market.
The perfect solution for those who prefer power and easy functionality.
One of the world’s smallest RIC hearing aids, DREAM PASSION is the ultimate in discretion and elegant design and virtually invisible.
Extremely discreet and stylish, the micro DREAM is one of the smallest BTE hearing aids available.
The FUSION model provides the ultimate in flexibility. Three different receivers, as well as various ear-tip and custom earmould options, means that FUSION can suit most types of hearing loss.
The powerful 9 model is perfect for people using FM and telecoil systems. Volume and program changes can be easily accessed on the hearing aid itself.
Elegant yet powerful, FASHION is perfect for those who appreciate the power of a conventional BTE but would like the discretion of smaller models combined with the absolute latest technology.
The expanded input dynamic range and strong low frequency output of FASHION POWER gives users excellent sound quality without distortion.

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