Widex hearing aids have always had a broad input dynamic range. With UNIQUE we have lowered it as well to provide users with the highest in the industry.

A complete overall listening experience
A supreme sound experience requires a high dynamic range to have as few artefacts as possible. In UNIQUE, we have increased the input dynamic range so that it can deliver up to 113dB SPL linearly and lowered the noise floor to 5dB SPL- so users can hear important soft sounds but also louder sounds without distortion. The key to this are the four A/D converters in UNIQUE.

An extended soundscape
With four A/D converters, UNIQUE can handle a very wide range of sounds without any corruption of the incoming signal. This means it works as a transparent entry level in noisy environments where it is always difficult to hear and in quieter situations with soft sounds. Always delivering clean and untainted sound quality – quiet is more quiet, loud is more pleasant.
Features and benefits
  • 113 dB SPL upper limit - means fewer artifacts in noisy environments
  • 5 dB SPL lower limit - gives access to more soft level sounds
  • 4 dedicated A/D converters - deliver full feature functionality with all input types
  • Linear throughout the range - means a full soundscape across the whole frequency range