How can Zen Noise be set for normal hearing?
Fit with an open tip but choose a non-open identity in Compass (flex).  This will ensure Zen noise’s low frequency spectrum will be produced. 1. Set the hearing loss to 5dB flat. This will bring the microphone squelch down in level. 2. Set the Zen noise intensity level as high as possible. The Zen noise is added as an input sound to the compressor and the rest of the hearing aid.  If it is loud, it will be above the microphone level, and be treated as a  standard soft sound in the compressor. 3. In the Zen program settings deactivate the microphone by removing the check mark next to ‘Microphone’. 4. Set the IGsoft gain as low as possible, as close to 0 for all frequencies.  This provides a linear gain as the normal gain is also close to 0.  This will bring the microphone squelch below the hearing threshold. 5. Provide the user with a remote control to make it possible to adjust the noise level to preference by changing the volume.